Biography :


Antoine Buttafoghi's photographs seek to highlight humans in all their diversity, whether or not they are connected with their environment, with a composition close to perfection.
They have a visual impact all the stronger as they are most often extremely sober and feature a single human being, who seems to be lost in the immensity of the world.
His images are soft, human and sensitive.
They testify to an aesthetic consent to the attachment to the earth, to the uniqueness of the human at the heart of the world, to the passage of time.
They also play on the oppositions of colors, in a very graphic way.
What interests the artist above all are the tensions between the different visual masses and their balance. He is careful to organize what is in the frame, down to the smallest detail.
Awarded several times in international competitions, the photographer Antoine Buttafoghi has been working for some years on a series entitled: Solitude (s).


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