Faces and other destinations...

Under the sight of daily situations, of many times explored landscapes, of faces sometimes familiar, there is a few extraordinary into ordinary and always a hided beauty under the habit coat.

I shoot the daily to extract pictures where, known and unlikely are gathered. Through a personal vision of links between subject and surrounding, between proximity and distance, singular and plural, bringing life to places, I risk reconsidering a new reality, pushing the thought beyond usual field of view.

By capturing life spaces, in which we moved in without paying attention to it, I try to recreate a new universe; to the edge of reality and imaginary, possible and impossible. The goal is to show an original dimension to the known, shared between reality and imaginary, documentary and interpretation.

I draw into my peregrinations, faces and spaces to transform. The universe remains the one of a timeless world, often modern, in which invites itself (when the scale of being and things is rushed) an unexpected part. Subjects perpetually hang up on time (maybe looking for verticality), search themselves, question themselves, looking for symmetry … and sometimes interrogate us.

Exploiting the numerous visuals aspects, playing with various lights, colors, ambiances, depth of field, overlay many realities in order to give a new meaning to the composition.

Catch the reality, manipulate it and fold up it to a personal perception into my “numeric darkroom”, to compose pictures where the world, things and people are discrepancy. The first picture is a material, used for my artwork. By cropping, cutting, composing, juxtaposing, modifying scales and tons and adjusting pictures: reality and imaginary bring closer, are interlaced, overlaid and sometimes become confused.

Through pictures, both, reassuring and illusive, the eye is surprised to look otherwise.